2017 People and Pets Drive

Beginning October 30th through November 15th, Towers Realty Group will be collecting donations at our office in support of Agape TableSiloam MissionD’Arcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Centre) and Craig Street Cats. Will you be coming down to our office to pay rent? Perhaps to apply for an apartment? Why not help us out and bring a donation with you?

We are looking for specific items which each of these organizations have indicated are high need:

Top 5 items for people:

•New or cleaned Hats, Mitts & Scarves
•Toothpaste and other Toiletries (Soap, etc…)
•New Socks & Underwear
•Feminine Hygiene products
•New or cleaned winter coats

Top 5 items for pets:

•Food (Dry and Soft) – With no dyes
•Dry milk replacement
•Dog milk bones, chew toys etc…
•Kitty Litter
•Cat and dog toys

Donations will be delivered on November 17th to each of the organizations above. Check back here to learn how much we were able to collect to support these fantastic organizations that do so much good in our city.

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