2019 Site Staff Appreciation Awards

When you think about the people who have the biggest impact on the day to day lives of people who chose to call a Towers Realty Group managed apartment or condo home, you have to think about the Caretakers and Site Staff. These are the people who, on a daily basis, contribute positively to each resident’s quality of life. From keeping our communities clean and attractive, to maintaining positive resident relations, to all the behind the scenes administration, we can rely on our Caretakers and Site Staff to act as the front line of our business and put consistently put our best foot forward.

Last night, Towers Realty Group held our annual Site Staff Appreciation and Awards Banquet, where we recognized the great work our team does, and paid special recognition to those who consistently go above and beyond.

Site Staff were presented with awards in three categories – Major Project, Special Recognition, and Customer Service Excellence.

Major Project Award

A major project requires a huge commitment from the staff on site. Extra mess, inquiries and concerns from residents, and co-coordinating access for multiple trades can exercise all the skills required from Site Staff. The winner of the Major Project award for continuing to provide an exception experience to their residents through a major renovation is Judy Smith, of the Colonnade.

Matthew Narvey (TRG President), Judy Smith,  and Rebecca Ellis (Property Manager – Condos)

Special Recognition Award

Awards for special recognition are given to Caretakers that consistently excel in the following five categories:

  • Grounds and building exterior
  • Building interior
  • Resident relations
  • Administration
  • Leasing performance

This year’s winners are:

Sandra Stadnyk and Stephanie Stadnyk, Victoria Woods

Matthew Narvey, Stephanie Stadnyk, Donna Greaves (Director, Residential and Condo Property Management), Sandra Stadnyk

Cheryl Wilson and Brandon Wilson, Hillsboro House

Matthew Narvey, Cheryl Wilson, Donna Greaves, Brandon Wilson

Wendy and Ernie Roels, Governor’s Gate

Matthew Narvey, Ernie Roels, Wendy Roels, Donna Greaves

Colleen and Bert Funk, 21 Mayfair Place

Matthew Narvey, Bert Funk, Colleen Funk, Marcy Navarrete (Property Manager, Residential)

Kirk Donald and Colleen Houston, The Hedges

Matthew Narvey, Colleen Houston, Alicia Koskey (Property Manager, Residential), Kirk Donald

Customer Service Excellence Award

The recipients of this year’s customer service excellence award consistently go above and beyond to create an exciting and unique resident experience at their property. Their property is always clean and well cared for, and they pull out all the stops for every major holiday, making larger than life decorations by hand to wow residents and guests. They maintain low vacancy at their property and consistently demonstrate the utmost care for their property and their residents. The recipients were also the winners of the Outstanding Customer Service award at this year’s PPMA awards. The winners of the Customer Service Excellence Award are Carl Newmann and Adam Reynolds of The Ritz Apartments

Matthew Narvey, Jason van Rooy (Marketing and Customer Service Manager), Adam Reynolds, Carl Newmann, Donna Greaves

Towers Realty Group is fortunate to have such a dedicated group of Caretakers and Site Staff looking after our residents and buildings. We really do appreciate all the work that goes into making an exceptional experience for residents, so thank you for that. And congratulations to all award winners!

It is a rare occurrence that we can get so many Towers Realty Group employees together in the same room, so we took advantage of the opportunity with a group picture! 


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