Winnipeg Commercial Real Estate Rentals

1551 Church Avenue, Winnipeg
9,662 to 43,619 sq ft available
Built out office space with warehouse

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Retail Property For Lease - St. James Commercial Real Estate

710 St. James Street, Winnipeg
12,000 to 34,286 sq ft available
Prime retail space! 

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588 Keenlyside Ave - office for lease

588 Keenleyside Avenue, Winnipeg
2,600 sq ft available

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Northdale Shopping Centre
951 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg
Up to 2,589 sq ft available


Commercial Property Management

In addition to providing residential condominium property management, Towers Realty is proud to offer professional commercial property management services throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We specialize in the operation, regulation, and oversight of commercial real estate in Winnipeg and alleviate the stress that is inherent in property ownership. At Towers Realty, we efficiently and effectively manage your Winnipeg commercial real estate for you, so that you can sit back and collect your rent cheque in the mail.

Managing Office Spaces for Rent: Winnipeg

Do you need to invest in commercial property management services? At Towers Realty, we believe that all commercial property owners deserve a helping hand. Our Winnipeg commercial real estate management company will perform a variety of day-to-day tasks and duties in order to facilitate the operation of your business. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full applicant screening (i.e., credit, criminal history, and rental history)
  • Drafting contracts for the commercial space for rent or lease
  • Managing maintenance issues in accordance with budget restrictions and with consent from the owner of the commercial space for rent or lease
  • Managing the finances and accounts of Winnipeg commercial real estate properties
  • Participating in or initiating litigations with renters, workers, and insurance agencies
  • Ensuring high occupancy rates
  • Ensuring a stable cash flow
  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting

We relieve you of the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of commercial property ownership. Instead of meeting with your renters or lawyers, take that spa or golf weekend you’ve always talked about!

Capitalizing on Commercial Lease in Winnipeg

Most property owners realize the costs of losing a tenant – not only is there a lot of paperwork involved, but losing a tenant also means that your space will become unoccupied for a period of time. If your space remains unoccupied for an extended period of time, it could result in a substantial loss of revenue.

At Towers Realty, we specialize in maximizing the occupancy of commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg. Our award-winning branding and marketing solutions ensure that your commercial space has a high-occupancy rate, high cash flow and achieves an optimal return on your investment.

Premier Customer Service

When you invest with Towers Realty’s commercial property management, you invest in your own peace of mind.

We ensure that all of our commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg are filled with satisfied occupants. We build relationships with our investors, clients, and tenants that are founded upon trust and respect in order to achieve a high-level of mutual satisfaction.

Desirable Commercial Real Estate: Winnipeg

Have you been attempting to find the perfect office space for rent, but couldn’t find a space within your budget? Have you struggled without guidance to acquire a commercial lease? Winnipeg is home to a vast expanse of attractive and available commercial real estate, but at times it can seem impossible to find a space- especially if you are simultaneously attempting to manage your business.

As a Winnipeg commercial real estate company, Towers Realty gets unprecedented access to the most desirable commercial spaces. Our experience managing commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg allows us to connect you with an industrial, retail, or commercial property that matches both your vision and your budget.

Developing Commercial Real Estate in Winnipeg

The benefits to successful real estate development are clear, but developing your own commercial space is often a risky and stressful endeavor. Many independent businesses attempt to develop their own commercial building without any knowledge or experience. Without the proper planning and market research, your hopeful investment could quickly turn into a sour loss.

In addition to managing commercial properties, Towers Realty offers first class development solutions. Our experience and expertise in both managing and developing commercial properties has taught us how to achieve an optimal return on your investment. We work with you throughout the process to ensure proper planning, design and execution of your development. Our world-class development services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Coordination
  • Marketing
  • Land assembly
  • Zoning Approval
  • Financing and Property Administration

Visit our development services page to learn more.

Towers Realty Featured Commercial Developments

One of our commercial developments is McCreary Business Park. McCreary Business Park is conveniently located by the Trans-Canada Highway and major truck transport routes. Towers Realty Group built the property to feature high ceilings and large spaces between the structure’s support columns.

Visit our featured developments page to learn more about our exciting developments!

Award-Winning Commercial Real Estate in Winnipeg

At Towers Realty, we are honoured to receive numerous awards of excellence for our residential and commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg. We humbly acknowledge accolades for our advertising expertise, renovation, innovation, and environmentally-friendliness awarded by the PPMA and the Better Business Bureau.

Visit our awards page to see a complete list of our accolades.

Preview Commercial Properties for Lease in Winnipeg

You’re searching for an office space for rent in Winnipeg, but you don’t know what type of space you’re looking for. Should your commercial building be in the industrial or financial district of the city? Are you looking for an open-concept space with high-ceilings or a more private establishment?

At Towers Realty, we allow you to preview commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg right here on our website! Our preview tool comprises of pictures and detailed specifications that will help you to envision your new space without ever having to leave your desk. Simply grab yourself a coffee and start browsing the most desirable commercial properties for lease in Winnipeg.

Contact Us

At Towers Realty, we are dedicated to making your life easier – whether it’s finding the perfect opportunity to grow your business or providing property management assistance. If you have any inquiries about a commercial space or about any of the services we provide, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 204.956.2739 or send us an email!