Meet Your Instructors



Ms. Devon Laura Pekrul, BPE, CSEP-CPT, CSEP-CFC

I have been working in the fitness/training world since 2003. My love of exercise, physical activity and sports lead me into Physical Education and I then graduated with my bachelor degree. Although I did not follow into an education profession I started off with personal training working one on one with clients and grew professionally to teach all kinds of group fitness classes. From a gentle strength and stretch class to bootcamps and HIIT. I have always had a passion to teach and that path lead me into yoga. I have been working the last few years at attaining my certification. I have just recently completed my level 3 training. I am excited to bring yoga into your life!


Cardio and Strength Training

Jayce Van Alstyne, CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer ; Bachelor of Kinesiology

I noticed at quite a young age a problem with the world that concerned me. The staggering amount of people who have lost touch with their own body and mind. Such an important part of life, and yet so often overlooked, or pushed down the list of priorities. I decided that I wanted to help turn things around! I have been an ambassador of keeping the body and mind active ever since. I have helped a 14 year old athlete train for the Canada games, gotten a middle aged divorcee to lose 20 pounds and boost her confidence, & have an 85 year old man who wants to complete a pull up by years end. All of these people have found success with my training style & you can too! I believe that with my help, you can take control of your life today, to ensure a more prosperous tomorrow!