Move In Bonuses

Towers Realty Group periodically offers Move In Bonuses at many of our buildings through out the year. The purposes of a Move In Bonus is to aid in the leasing of a specific property amid changes in the market as well as changes in vacancy rates. Move In Bonuses are also a great benefit for those new tenants at a time when they are experiencing higher than average expenses due to their move.

Move In Bonuses are applicable to new tenants only, and are not applicable to moves within the same building or unit transfers. Tenants moving from one Towers building to another however, may be eligible for the Move In Bonus at their new address provided they are a tenant in good standing. A tenant in good standing is one who consistently meets their obligations as outlined in their Tenancy Agreement including payment of rent in a regular and timely fashion.

Our Move In Bonuses can be claimed one of two ways. New tenants will have the option to:

A) receive a credit on their first month rent in the amount of the posted Move In Bonus.

(For example, if your rent will be $800.00 and the move in bonus is $250.00, when you sign your lease your first month rent payment at lease signing will be $550.00).


B) they may opt to spread the bonus out over the term of their lease and apply it as a discount to each month of the term.

(For example if your Rent will be $800.00 for a 12 month lease and the Move In Bonus is $250.00, we will divide the move in bonus by 12 months and apply a discount of $20.84 per month making your monthly rent $779.16).

Towers Realty Group Move in Bonuses are posted on our website for each building and are valid only while posted. Bonuses are subject to change or may be removed without notice. New applicants eligible for a Move in Bonus will have that bonus automatically applied to their application and will be asked before lease signing to select which of the two options above they would prefer.

Towers Realty Group also proudly offers Referral Bonuses to our existing tenants. Information about our Referral Bonus Program can be found on our website under Tenant Services. If you have questions or would like to receive more information about Move in Bonuses offered through Towers Realty, please visit the Contact Us page on our website for options on how to reach us.

Move In Bonus offers cannot be combined with any other offer or Referral bonus. Applicants wishing to apply at a property with a move in bonus may provide a Referral Bonus Form with their application, however, they will not receive any other advertised bonus associated with the property being applied for. Tenants choosing option B) who select to spread their bonus out over their lease term must complete their term without sublet or assignment in order to receive their full bonus. Discounts, including those from Move in Bonuses are not transferable. Therefore should a tenant receiving a discount wish to sublet, they will forfeit their remaining bonus amount and cannot transfer it to their subletting tenant or receive the balance on move out. Move in Bonus offers are not valid where the apartment being applied for is a sublet or assignment of tenancy.