Towers Realty Group Property Management, Winnipeg

For property owners and investors, Towers Realty Group Ltd. is committed to providing industry-leading property management services to ensure improved valuations and superior long-term returns. Towers Realty Group provides commercial real estate, various multi-family Winnipeg apartments for rent, as well as condominium property management services which include:

  • Accounting and administration
  • 24 hour/7 days a week emergency response line
  • Repair and maintenance coordination, ensuring you receive the best service at the best price
  • Online application, payment and document requests
  • Caretaker recruitment, retention and training
  • Award-winning marketing and branding solutions
  • Development and implementation of energy savings plans
  • Financial statement preparation and in-depth reporting, provided on a timely basis
  • Property tax assessment assistance
  • Capital improvement project management
  • Professional lease preparation
  • Seamless lease renewal processes
  • Exceptional tenant relations and services
  • Dispute/conflict resolution

We consistently deliver superior results and offer hundreds of apartments for rent in Winnipeg, Brandon, and other cities large and small. To request a management proposal for your property, please click here.

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For more information on our property management services, please contact:

Lindsey Saunders
Vice President of Property Management

Towers Realty Group Property Management, Winnipeg

At Towers Realty, we’re committed to providing property owners and investors with the comprehensive accounting, administrative, marketing and maintenance services required to optimize occupancy and ROI. As Manitoba’s largest leading apartment rental company, our experience, project management expertise, and award-winning branding solutions work for you while our exceptional tenant services strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue for improved leaseholder retention. Offering unique benefits ranging from vetted tenant applications to detailed financial reports and effective conflict resolution, Towers Realty Group is your first choice among Winnipeg property management companies for superior residential, commercial rental and leasing services.

Our Services

Towers Realty Group is a respected leader among Winnipeg property management companies, offering inclusive, five-star assistance to owners, occupants and investors in the area. A longstanding Canadian-owned and operated business serving the people of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Towers Realty oversees hundreds of area properties from our dedicated office space and condo management headquarters in Winnipeg. We deliver an unparalleled level of client support to local proprietors and entrepreneurs while promoting better tenant relations through professional lease preparation, a seamless renewal process, and qualified mediation in the event of dispute.

Towers Realty Group Ltd. is known for going the extra mile for our clients as well as your prospective and current lessees, providing professional accounting and convenient online rental application services as well as generous repair and maintenance support beyond the typical scope of many Winnipeg property management companies. Simplify your life with streamlined residential and office space administration by Towers Realty.

An Experienced Leader Among Commercial Property Management Companies Serving Winnipeg Business Owners and Investors

Business owners and investors take note: as specialists in residential and commercial rentals and leasing, Towers Realty Group Ltd. is your trusted partner for hassle-free property management in Winnipeg.
Offering more comprehensive services than most commercial property management companies, Towers Realty affords our valued clients the freedom from the day to day maintenance and paperwork usually associated with managing office space for rent in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.
We carefully screen your commercial space rental applicants through a process designed to keep occupancy rates high and maximize revenue while minimizing risk as well as your own administrative burden. At Towers Realty, we’re proud to say that when you align with our brand of professional property management in Winnipeg, picking up your monthly rent cheque in the mail is virtually all you need to do.

Superior Apartment & Condominium Property Management in Winnipeg

Towers Realty offers insider access to the condos and apartments for rent in Winnipeg that people love to call home. Many of our featured properties, which may be previewed in detail on our site map, offer beautifully appointed and updated suites with included utilities, and are close to all major amenities. Suitable for a wide range of budgets and lifestyles, select spacious and comfortable options include bachelor, and one and two bedroom apartments just minutes to downtown; call us to inquire about our exclusive seasonal move-in bonus which may apply.

Notable advantages of Towers Realty condo management in Winnipeg include, but are not limited to, online tenant application forms, regular site inspections and full-time power engineers on staff. Our knowledgeable team of condo property managers offers meticulous financial reporting and investment analysis, as well as convenient common fee collection options, professional third-party contract administration, scheduled board meetings and mediated conflict resolution. Discerning owners and tenants alike benefit from the Towers Realty approach to property management in Winnipeg; breathe easier with our all-inclusive signature services with a focus on incomparable resident and investor support.

24/7 Emergency Response

Need emergency repairs for your Towers Realty property after hours? In the event of serious damage requiring immediate assistance from condo management in Winnipeg due to fire or flood, a dangerous loss of heat on a cold winter day, or other extreme circumstances, our maintenance professionals may be contacted at any time through our Emergency Response Line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our enduring commitment to tenant safety and first-rate building standards are just part of what makes Towers Realty Group one of the most reliable, accessible condo property managers in the industry today.

Building a More Sustainable Approach to Commercial Property & Condo Management in Winnipeg

Property management companies have the power and potential to make a difference in our neighbourhoods and in the lives of the people who live there. Towers Realty is dedicated to providing a better place to be for all residents of our dynamic and beautiful city, and to building towards a greener future for everyone.

A proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, and recipient of the BBB Environmentally Friendly Torch Award, Towers Realty Group is grateful for both the opportunity and privilege to give back to the communities we all share.

A member of the BOMA Manitoba Building Operators and Engineers Group, and the Professional Property Managers Association (PPMA), Towers Realty property management in Winnipeg offers the highest standard of service, and an abiding commitment to transparency, integrity and responsible business practices.

Award-Winning Condo Property Managers Serving Winnipeg

Towers Realty property management in Winnipeg offers the results you want, and the future solutions you need as a title holder to simplify business ownership and optimize returns long-term. Recognized for our innovative branding solutions and cost-effective retrofits for improved energy savings in many of our recently renovated properties, Towers Realty provides investors and tenants alike with residential and office spaces of uncompromising value.

Contact Towers Realty Group Residential & Commercial Property Management

Winnipeg companies, prospective tenants and investors are invited to send us a message via online form or call our local office at 204-956-2739 for more information about our management services and properties available now. Apply for Winnipeg rentals online, or speak to us today about what makes Towers Realty a leader among commercial property management companies in your area.